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Usia anak berapa yang ideal untuk khitan?

Khitan  dapat dilakukan pada umur berapapun. Khitan pada bayi relatif mudah dan nyaman, tapi seperti diuraikan di bawah ini, kelompok usia antara 5 tahun sampai pubertas adalah waktu terbaik untuk melaksanakan khitan.

When is the best time to circumcise ?

Circumcision can be done on any age group. Infant circumcision is cheap and convenient, but as outlined below, age group between 5 years to puberty is the best time to carry out circumcision
A. Infant circumcision (from birth to 3 months)
Practiced by certain group of Muslims mainly in Arab countries. In some Western countries
particularly in The United States of America, routine infant circumcision is the norm.
For Jews , the 8th day is a must.
B. 3 months to 5 years
Circumcision in this age group should be avoided because
i. Child can localize and feel pain, and can remember it too.
ii. Child may not understand the reason for his circumcision
C. 5 years to puberty
This age group forms the majority of circumcision practiced by Muslims. In certain
countries (Malaysia, Indonesia), group circumcision (form five to a few hundred
participants) with elaborate ceremonies are still being held. For reasons outlined below,
this age group seems to be the best time to conduct circumcision.
i. The child understand reasons for undergoing circumcision and will also be able to
face the pain and discomfort of circumcision.
ii. Unlike infants, child is already toilet trained, and problem of fecal matter soiling
circumcision wound does not arise. Child also able take care of circumcision wound.
iii. Sociologically ideal, because after circumcision, the child will acquire adult status,
and will be rewarded and welcomed within the adult circle.
iv. Medically, this is the best time to perform circumcision, because the size of penis is
not too small, easier to judge where to make the cut, and the growth spurt of
puberty will further tighten the penis.
D. Adult and adolescent
Circumcision for this age group, doesn’t pose much problem because patient understand
the reason for undergoing circumcision and circumcision is usually done voluntarily. The
main drawback is awkward feeling of genital being handled, and to explain long duration of
absence from work. If news of the circumcision leaks out. It may cause embarrassment to some.

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